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$(D_S Promoting D Projects (or Internet Marketing 101),
$(P So you've written a cool project in D, and it's ready for others
to use or to get involved with helping develop it further.
Just posting a zip file isn't going to work. All your blood, sweat
and effort will just go to waste.
You'll need to provide a way for people who want to know about
your project to be able to find it.
$(P The steps are:
$(LI Create a web page for the project)
$(LI Let people know about it)
<h3>Creating a Web Page</h3>
$(P A good web page should include the following:
$(LI The keywords and phrases that someone who would be interested
in your project might type into Google to find it.)
$(LI The phrase $(B D programming language) somewhere on the page.
This helps build the brand on the internet.
If you just use $(B D), nobody will find it via search.)
$(LI Screen shots of the program. Even better, for graphics
and game demos, make a short video of it with
$(LINK2, Windows Movie Maker),
which can capture movies directly from the screen.)
$(LI List the capabilities of the package and what it's good for.)
$(LI Identify who this package is intended for and why they'd
want to use it.)
$(LI Copyright and license information for any source code.
If you intend for it to be
$(LINK2, public domain),
make sure to
explicitly mark it so.)
<h3>Promoting the Project</h3>
$(P Submit the page or article to the following:
$(LI $(LINK2, digitalmars.D.announce) newsgroup)
$(LI $(LINK2, Google web crawler))
$(LI $(LINK2, Google code search) for source code zips)
$(LI $(LINK2, dzone) developer news)
$(LI $(LINK2, beta marker) for releases, including betas)
$(LI $(LINK2, Digg) under the Developer category)
$(LI $(LINK2, Slashdot) news for nerds)
$(LI $(LINK2, anything game related)
$(LI $(LINK2, Artima Developer) developer articles)
$(LI $(LINK2, software downloads)
$(LI $(LINK2, Wikipedia) if it genuinely adds to an article on the subject)
$(LI $(B comp.programming) newsgroup)
$(P Send me a cut-and-paste html snippet to place on
$(LINK2, dlinks).
$(P If your project is a conversion of an existing project to D,
email the project leader of that existing project and suggest
that he incorporate a link to your project on his page.
$(P For the absolutely most effective results, submit
articles to:
$(LI $(LINK2, Dr. Dobb's Journal))
$(LI $(LINK2, SDWest))
TITLE=Promoting D Projects (or Internet Marketing 101)