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Now using a PSR-0-compatible autoloader.

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1 parent a10d489 commit ca799f80fa11559c02273164dafda9b475cc693f @michelf committed
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6 Readme.php
@@ -4,8 +4,10 @@
# through the Markdown filter. You can adapt this sample code in any way
# you like.
-# Note: this line is only needed when PSR-0 class autoloading is not in place.
-require_once './Michelf/Markdown.php';
+# Install PSR-0-compatible class autoloader
+ require preg_replace('{\\\\|_(?!.*\\\\)}', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, ltrim($class, '\\')).'.php';
# Get Markdown class
use \Michelf\Markdown;

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