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Fixed some out-of-date comment.

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michelf committed May 10, 2008
1 parent 65737a4 commit d8a71b1149234ee22e276b6edcf2e40049a5863f
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@@ -507,7 +507,7 @@ function hashPart($text, $boundary = 'X') {
# The $boundary argument specify what character should be used to surround
# the token. By convension, "B" is used for block elements that needs not
# to be wrapped into paragraph tags at the end, ":" is used for elements
- # that are word separators and "S" is used for general span-level elements.
+ # that are word separators and "X" is used in the general case.
# Swap back any tag hash found in $text so we do not have to `unhash`
# multiple times at the end.

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