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Removed reference to bBlog installation process. The website is gone …

…and bBlog seems to be dead.
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17 PHP Markdown Readme.text
@@ -71,23 +71,6 @@ are written in HTML (as opposed to another formatting syntax, like
Textile), they'll probably stay fine after installing Markdown.
-### bBlog ###
-PHP Markdown also works with [bBlog][bb].
- [bb]:
-To use PHP Markdown with bBlog, rename "markdown.php" to
-"modifier.markdown.php" and place the file in the "bBlog_plugins"
-folder. This folder is located inside the "bblog" directory of
-your site, like this:
- (site home)/bblog/bBlog_plugins/modifier.markdown.php
-Select "Markdown" as the "Entry Modifier" when you post a new
-entry. This setting will only apply to the entry you are editing.
### Replacing Textile in TextPattern ###
[TextPattern][tp] use [Textile][tx] to format your text. You can

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