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Update output for HTML5 (Lib branch) #58

michelf opened this Issue January 22, 2013 · 4 comments

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Michel Fortin Waylan Limberg
Michel Fortin

Two things in the current output would need to be refreshed for HTML5. Here's what need to be done:

  • Footnotes: Currently using the rev attribute for back-links. This attribute is no longer in HTML5. I'd suggest rel="footnote-ref".
  • Tables: Currently using the align attribute for cell alignment. This attribute is no longer in HTML5. I'm not sure what to suggest. Do we need to update this?

I'd like to fix these two before we get out of beta in the lib branch.

Waylan Limberg

Regarding the footnotes, this is how I addressed it in Python-Markdown. See the commit message for an explanation.

Michel Fortin

@waylan class=footnote-ref and class=footnote-backref are indeed better. I forgot that HTML5 also restricted allowable values for the rel attribute.

Michel Fortin

Lib branch updated to use footnote-ref and footnote-backref classes in the output. a0724cd

Michel Fortin michelf closed this April 07, 2013
Michel Fortin

Lib branch will keep using the align attribute for table cells, unless the user has set a class himself through the parser's configuration. This way with a default style sheet things will be aligned correctly and you'll still be able to affect the style though CSS using a selector matching it (td[align="right"]); using a style="text-align:right" attribute would make that difficult.

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