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Specs and Acceptance Testing

Locomotive uses unit, integration and acceptance testing.


To run the Locomotive specs, you'll need to have webrat installed. Otherwise, its highly likely you'll come across an uninitialized constant Merb::Test::ViewHelper error when executing rake:spec.

To install Webrat, follow the most up-to-date instructions here:

  • Install relevant development/header files for your system, to compile nokoguri's C-extensions (a prerequisite for Webrat).

  • Then proceed with the gem installation:

    sudo gem install webrat

Feature/Acceptance Testing

You'll also want to have cucumber installed for testing features.

Installation should be as follows:

sudo gem install cucumber
sudo gem sources -a
sudo gem install jsmestad-merb_cucumber

You should then be able to execute rake features.

Note: We are using [jsmestad-merb_cucumber][jsmestad's fork of merb_cucumber], instead of [david-merb_cucumber][david's], as it contains a number of important fixes for compatibility with Webrat 0.4.x.