A convenient droplet app to quickly serve static a website on on Mac OS X
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Simple Mac Web Server

A convenient droplet app to quickly serve static a website on Mac OS X.


While working on web projects, it's often convenient to be able to quickly serve up a site directory on your Mac using a webserver for development or testing. This little app does just that: give it a directory and it fires up a webserver to serve it from your Mac.


This "App" is a really thin wrapper around Python's SimpleHTTPServer module, which comes with most recent versions of Mac OS X. If you're running Mac OS X, you're probably good to go.


There are two ways to run the Simple Mac Web Server:

  1. Launch the app, then choose a directory using the dialog.
  2. Drag & Drop a directory on top of the app's icon.


This app relies heavily on the Python SimpleHTTPServer module, which is, as the name implies, pretty simple. Don't expect high performance or many features.

There is no support for PHP, Ruby, Python or any other fancy dynamic server side stuff. Static files only.

Finally, the app supports only one server instance at a time. If you need more, use something more advanced or use the terminal to start the SimpleHTTPServer module from there (you could have learned how to do it in the time it took to read this README).