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This page should give you a brief overview of how the project is structured. Again, I'm not going to cover directories/files from PhoneGap/Cordova expect the files that should/need to be changed.


The following tree represents the project's directory tree:

- /assets
  -- /www (1)
    --- /assets (2)
      ---- /css (3)
      ---- /js (4)
      ---- /sass (5)
    --- /img (6)
    --- /tpl (7)
- /res (8)
  -- /drawable (9)
  -- /drawable-<DPI>
  -- /values (10)
  -- /xml (11)
- /src (12)


# Description
1 Application root directory by PhoneGap/Cordova. The whole application and it's files are stored in here. Attn: "native" resources are not!
2 I like to use another dir called assets that stores static CSS and JS files. You can name it whatever you want.
3 Stylesheets: Once externals (lib) and Sass compilats
4 Javascript: Once externals (lib) and self-written
5 Sass CSS preprocessor source files (I don't like writting vanilla CSS...)
6 Application images
7 The Mustache templates used to render our content
8 Native Android app directory (resources)
9 Android categorizes devices by their DPI. drawable is the neutral one, drawable-<DPI> is per category. The splashscreens and icons are stored here.
10 Contains only one file: Strings.xml. You can change the app's name in there.
11 Android uses XML files for configuration/personalization (why no JSON :(). See the File Reference for further information.
12 Source code root directory (for native code)

File Reference

Please see File Reference.