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Communication is an integral part of mankind life. With the spread of Internet people started to communicate more using different chats and instant messaging services. Currently popular and most often used chats require the presence of information about you. People tend to use different types of messengers nowadays, going far away from the old popular ‘online chats’. Facebook Messenger is the most popular way to communicate with your friends. However, what happens if you want to meet people who you do not know? What if they are nearby but totally are not aware about your presence and your interest in them? ChatSpace is a new application which combines the ideas of dating, messenger and discovery services all together.

It is very common nowadays to spend most of time in a mobile phone even on meetings with your friends in a café. And it is even more common to have boring friends who do not talk, looking only in their smartphone’s screen. Imagine this type of situation, so that you are too bored and you are looking for new acquaintances. ChatSpace will help you to reach those people who are bored as well in the same place you are.

The application is a chat-based system, where people can chat with others within a radius of 50 meters. You simply type your nick name and enter the chat room. There is no need in authenticating through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network as it is only the first step of making new friends. Another benefit is that it is simply a chat and could be not only a reason for dating but just for having a small talk with a person who is nearby. As a scenario, this could lead to a real-world game, where you need to find a person you are chatting right now. It is real-time interaction, which is interesting and fun.