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Twitter Redux

Time spent: 15



  • Hamburger menu
    • Dragging anywhere in the view should reveal the menu.
    • The menu should include links to your profile, the home timeline, and the mentions view.
    • The menu can look similar to the LinkedIn menu below or feel free to take liberty with the UI.
  • Profile page
    • Contains the user header view
    • Contains a section with the users basic stats: # tweets, # following, # followers
  • Home Timeline
    • Tapping on a user image should bring up that user's profile page


  • Profile Page
    • Optional: Implement the paging view for the user description.
    • Optional: As the paging view moves, increase the opacity of the background screen. See the actual Twitter app for this effect
    • Optional: Pulling down the profile page should blur and resize the header image.
  • Optional: Account switching
    • Long press on tab bar to bring up Account view with animation
    • Tap account to switch to
    • Include a plus button to Add an Account
    • Swipe to delete an account