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#Robot framework demo

Automated Testing within the Continuous Integration is nowadays a no brainer. This project shows you examples how Robot Framework can help you with setting up automated test.

Almost all test are setup to test the simple web application Square Roots. Which you can find here:

Square Roots

How To Start

To run the tests the following steps should be followed:

  • Make sure at least Python 2.7 is installed:

        $ python -V
        e.g. : Python 2.7.11+
  • Also make sure Python's Pip is installed (Normally it should be installed when Python is installed):

        $ pip -V
        e.g. :  pip 8.1.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (python 2.7)
  • Maybe you already did this, but you should also clone this GitHub to your favorite development location

  • Now that we know that Pip and Python are installed we can install (or update) all required python packages that are needed to run the Robot tests. To install the packages run the following command in the root of the just cloned version of this GitHub:

        $ pip install -r python-package-requirements
  • If the installation of all required packages succeed you are good to go:

        $ python -m --version
        e.g. : Robot Framework 3.0 (Python 2.7.12 on linux2)
  • Before we can run the Selenium test suites within this project we need to install Firefox because the tests are setup to run under Firefox. A Selenium Driver for Firefox is not needed.

  • Help? Of course there are 1001 options to install or run Robot. See this page for more info and please check the same page if you are in trouble during the installation.

Run the tests

Running the tests is very easy:

    $ python -m testsuites

testsuites is in this case the folder where the tests are located

To run a part of your test suite you can add a tag name to your command line:

    $ python -m --include behavior-driven testsuites

With the above commands we the test suites , or test cases with the behavior-driven tag. To exclude tests you can use the --exclude parameter

See $ python -m --help for more information


Robot Framework Demo







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