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Releases: michelolvera/vs-ghostwriter

ghostwriter 2.1.1

26 Dec 03:08
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Release Notes


  • Untitled documents are no longer created upon opening or closing a new, empty document.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Fix compilation issue with Ubuntu 18.04.

vs-ghostwriter 2.1.0

27 Nov 22:24
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Release Notes


  • Untitled documents are now autosaved to a draft folder when autosave is enabled.
  • Added preferences button to open the draft folder location where untitled documents are autosaved.
  • Added check box option to load last opened file on startup. If left unchecked, a new file will be opened on startup
  • Added ability to word count indicator in status bar to display a different statistic. (The indicator is now a combo box.)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

vs-ghostwriter 2.0.2

07 Jul 01:56
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Release Notes

I'm sorry for the delay guys, I've been working hard to get out of poverty and I haven't had the free time I'd like to be able to continue with my personal projects.

Here is the new version 2.0.2 with all the changes that wereturtle has announced in its releases.