A set of extra tools for symfony2: a translation extractor, a locale date parser/formatter, a unit converter...
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Intro to ExtraTools

It a bundle that contains some usefull symfony2 tools.

Build Status


The bcc:trans:update command had been merged into the framework and thus won't be maintained here anymore. The new name is translation:extract.


  • a bcc:trans:update command that extract all your missing i18n message from your twig templates and saves into yaml, xliff, php or pot translation files.
  • a twig extension that translates dates and contries
  • a date formatter that formats and translates dates and also parses multiple forms of localized date string
  • a unit converter that is ignly extensible and convert units

Installation and configuration:

Get the bundle

Add to your /deps file :


And make a php bin/vendors install.

Register the namespace


    // app/autoload.php
        'BCC' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',
        // your other namespaces

Add ExtraToolsBundle to your application kernel


    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new BCC\ExtraToolsBundle\BCCExtraToolsBundle(),
            // ...

Register the twig extension

If you want to use the twig extension you must have the apache intl module installed.

Add to your config.yml:

#BCC configuration
        class: BCC\ExtraToolsBundle\Twig\TwigExtension
            -  { name: twig.extension }

Usage examples:

bcc:trans:update command example

You now have the new command. You can use it as follows:

  • To extract messages from your bundle and display in the console:

    bcc:trans:update --dump-messages fr MyBundle

  • You can save them to the MyBundle\Resources\translations directory:

    bcc:trans:update --force fr MyBundle

  • In another language:

    bcc:trans:update --force en MyBundle

  • Specify the output format with the --output-format option (either yml, xliff, php or pot):

    bcc:trans:update --output-format="xliff" --force en MyBundle

  • Change the prefix used for newly added messages with the --prefix option:

    bcc:trans:update --output-format="xliff" --force --prefix='myprefix' en MyBundle

Twig extensions examples

Translate a date value :

  • {{ user.createdAt | localeDate }} to have a medium date and no time, in the current locale

  • {{ user.createdAt | localeDate('long','medium') }} to have a long date and medium time, in the current locale

Translate a contry :

  • {{ user.country | country }} to have the country, in the current locale

  • {{ user.country | country('c ountry does not exist') }} Define the returned value if the country does not exist

DateFormatter examples

Get the service:


$dateFormatter = $container->get('bcc_extra_tools.date_formatter');

Parse a date:


$date = $dateFormatter->parse('November 1, 2011', 'en'); // obtains a datetime instance

Format a date:


echo $dateFormatter->format($date, 'long', 'none', 'fr'); // echoes : "1 novembre 2011"

Note that the locale parameter (here 'fr' and 'en') are optionnal, default is the current locale.

Unit converter examples

Get the service:


$unitConverter = $container->get('bcc_extra_tools.unit_converter');

Convert a value:


echo $unitConverter->parse(1000, 'm', 'km'); // echoes : 1

Guess the source unit:


echo $unitConverter->parse('1h', 'm'); // echoes : 60

More examples in the tests: ./Tests/Util/UnitConverterTest.