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1.1.0-rc3 - April 13, 2011
Many minor bugfixes
Merged some of jstirnaman's changes
Fixed import bug (caused by overaggressive uniqueness introduced in refactoring)
Remove all usage of login (or username) in favor of email
Index email field in database
Make change of email go through a confirmation process
1.1.0-rc2 - March 11, 2011
Fixed typo preventing 1.1.0-rc1 fropm working
Made sherpa directory shared for capistrano deployments
1.1.0-rc1 - March 11, 2011
Runs on Rails 3 (3.0.4 specifically) instead of Rails 2 (works with Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7)
Use Bundler for gem management
Many gems and plugins upgraded (primarily for Rails 3 compatibility)
Some gems added (e.g. for testing)
Rails and many plugins unvendored and now handled as gems
Testing moved to Rspec
Many tests added - some trivial, some not
A lot of code cleanup. Refactoring of code to more idiomatic ruby/rails, removal of stale/trivial comments, breakup of large methods, removal of magic numbers etc. The usual sorts of stuff.
Issue 148 fixed - person can now be both author and editor, for example
Migrations returned to db/migrate from db/archive
Capistrano gem included in the bundle and a deploy.rb.template file included for those wishing to use cap to deploy
Some minor bugfixes
A lot of deprecation fixes
A lot of observers removed and their work done in model callbacks. Rails 3 does model callbacks prior to observer callbacks, so the workaround for Rails 2 is no longer needed.
Moved Index.rb from app/models to lib as it seems to fit better there, although this could be reversed at some point, as there seem to be arguments either way.
Authentication now uses Authlogic (in compatibility mode for restful_authentication). This should provide a smoother experience as we attempt to add other kinds of authentication as well.
Added Eric Muzzy batch csv person import.
Added Jason Stirnaman person is active patch (plus some extra changes to help migrate existing installations to use it).
Added prototype_legacy_helper plugin to avoid having to deal with Rails 3 javascript conventions right away.
Changed routes both to conform to Rails 3 conventions and to remove default routes. All needed routes should henceforth be explicitly specified.
Use destroy instead of delete in association :dependent definitions. I couldn't find any compelling reason for delete, and lacking such destroy is better as it will run callbacks on the destroyed models.
Add additional submit button to publisher/publication editing so that user can return directly to alphabetical list.
Add view to show and facilitate deletion of orphaned works (i.e. no contributorships) by editor on Work.
Removed attachment_fu_hacks plugin. Hopefully the newer attachment_fu fixes the problems here.
Updated code for newer version of acts_as_state_machine - some callbacks needed to be changed here.
1.0.1 - October 18, 2010
Adds json, yaml, xml/rdf output for search results
Fixes errors in rdf and json output
Fixes security hole which allowed anyone logged in to add new works
Adds a listing for Person roles on the User index
Adds the ability to remove roles from new_admin and new_editor pages
Improves authorization:
- Fixes bugs
- Increases the importance of the Group editor role (e.g., Group editors can now admin authorities)
- Restricts access of regular users
Fixes IE error on new Person page
Fixes LDAP error
1.0 - June 30, 2010
* 1.0 release (final)
1.0RC3 - June 29, 2010
* Third 1.0 release candidate
1.0RC2 - Feb 21, 2010
* Second 1.0 release candidate
1.0RC1 - Sept 30, 2009
* First 1.0 release candidate
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