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Trouble with New Javascript File #23

surajreddy opened this Issue Jul 14, 2011 · 5 comments

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After I did 'rails g lazy_high_charts:install', and replaced my existing javascript, it seems to break how my existing graphs look. Also, it adds HighStock beta to them at the bottom right.

I'm okay with it if it works fine with the plugin as I'm hoping to replace all the existing graphs.

Can you take a look and make sure the js file is fine? Currently I'm using the old highcharts.js from their site.

PS: Sorry for creating so many issues!


I am on rails3.

I think it might have to do with the high stock functionality.

It works fine for charts made with lazy_high_charts, but breaks charts made directly in the views in javascript - for those it makes them look weird, and adds "High Stocks beta" at the bottom for the charts. This is fine, as I'm planning to replace all current charts with lazy_high_charts code.

This could be just me - I'll test it more and close this issue if regular js charts work fine.

  1. JS Code (rough):
  2. Should look like/used to look like:

After lazy_high_charts:install,
3. Looks like:

If I replace the highcharts.js file with the old one, the graphs look like #2 again.


Looking at the generator code for lhc, I don't think this is something with your code - but any insight is appreciated :)

@xiaods xiaods closed this Mar 17, 2013
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