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User Guide for lazy_high_charts gem

Demo Project && site


To install it, you just need to add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'lazy_high_charts'

then run

bundle install

to install the lazy_high_charts gem.


in your app/assets/application.js (or to the active_admin.js to use in Active Admin)

//= require highcharts/highstock
//= require highcharts/highcharts                                                           
//= require highcharts/highcharts-more                                                         

highcharts js files location:

  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/highcharts.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/highcharts-more.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/modules/exporting.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/adapters/mootools-adapter.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/adapters/prototype-adapter.js

highstock js files location:

  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/highstock.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/stock/highcharts-more.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/stock/modules/exporting.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/stock/adapters/mootools-adapter.js
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/highcharts/stock/adapters/prototype-adapter.js


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