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Repository files navigation — Every shortcuts for designers, centralized and searchable.

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Hi, I'm Michel, the creator of lists every shortcut for designers in one place and in a simple and clear way. It's a centralized and searchable online database that helps over 12k designers every month to charge their workflow.


Please use GitHub issues to report any bugs or feature requests. If you can, please fix it yourself and send in a PR.

Note: all data is in plain HTML, I'm working on that 😅

Running the project

Changing data

Edit the data of a specific tool in data/{category}/toolpages-{toolname}.html.

Adding tools

  1. Add a new file to /tools, for example with the following data:

    layout: layouts/tool.njk
    tool: {tool-name-here}
    os1: Mac (🚨note: leave empty if you only add one OS)
    os2: Windows (🚨note: leave empty if you only add one OS)
    toolSlug: {toolnamewithoutdashes}
    toolGroup: (pick from *Design*, *Development*, *Productivity* or *3D*)
    toolDescription: {write a description about the tool here}
    toolLink: {link to the tool here}
    toolLinkDescription: {how the link should be displayed}
  2. Add a logo to assets/img with the following naming-convention: logo-{toolslug}.png, logo's should be 264*264px and don't have a shadow.

  3. Add the data to data/{category}/. Use the formating instructions below. For quick generation of the needed HTML, use one of the following files:


Please keep the code/data clean and consistent by using the following symbols when adding shortcuts on Mac tools-pages:

Key Symbol
Option / Alt
Arrow keys ↑ ↓ ← →