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Attack Tree shapes for Dia


Attack trees provide a formal, methodical way of describing the security of systems, based on varying attacks. Basically, you represent attacks against a system in a tree structure, with the goal as the root node and different ways of achieving that goal as leaf nodes.

This project extends the free and open source Dia diagramming tool with a new Sheet for doing Attack Trees:

Example of how the shapes look in Dia


Installation on Linux/Mac is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Check out the repository with git clone
  2. Make symbolic links to the diagram shapes with ln -s /path/to/dia-attacktree/shapes/* ~/.dia/shapes/
  3. Make symbolic link to the diagram sheet with ln -s /path/to/dia-attacktree/sheets/AttackTree.sheet ~/.dia/sheets/
  4. Restart Dia if it's already open

You should now have a new Sheet called Attack Tree, ready to use.