Open Policy Agent (OPA) middleware for actix-web
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Open Policy Agent (openpolicyagent/OPA) middleware for actix-web applications.

This middleware performs a policy check against an Open Policy Agent instance for incoming HTTP requests.

Both the policy check request and response are generic.




Take the following request :

curl -XGET -H 'Authorization: Bearer 123123123' http://localhost:8080/order/item/1

This will need to be translated to a JSON call to OPA :

  "input" : {
    "token"  : "123123123",
    "method" : "GET",
    "path"   : ["order", "item", "1"]

We represent this as two Rust structs which implement Serialize,

struct PolicyRequest {
    input: PolicyRequestInput,

struct PolicyRequestInput {
    token: String,
    method: String,
    path: Vec<String>,

The expected response is a JSON object :

   "result" : {
      "allow" : true

We represent this as two Rust structs which implement Deserialize,

struct PolicyResponse {
    input: PolicyResponseResult,

struct PolicyResponseResult {
    allow: bool,

Lastly we have to implement the OPARequest<S> trait so that

    impl<S> OPARequest<S> for PolicyRequest {
        fn from_http_request(_req: &HttpRequest<S>) -> Result<Self, String> {
            // This needs to be constructured from _req
            Ok(PolicyRequest {
              input: PolicyRequestInput {
                token: "123".into(),
                method: "GET",
                path: vec!["order", "item", "1"],
    type VerifierMiddleware = PolicyVerifier<PolicyRequest, PolicyResponse>;