android code for uploading images made by the mobile camera
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Install source code
The source code is in java. Use Eclipse to import all the files in an android project. 
Note that there are no special library dependencies.

Install as Android app
The apk file can be found at

1. Note that your mobile phone setting must allow non-market applications.

2. After installing the android .apk, a new 'share via' option "Wikimedia Commons" is available within the menu options when viewing a stored image on the mobile. 

How to use the app

3. Go to the gallery and select a picture or make a picture. Choose the 'Share via' menu. Select Wikimedia Commons. From here, the app is started automatically. Do not start the app from another location.

Note that only locally stored images on the SD card or memory picture (from the gallery) can be uploaded.

4. A correct username and password must be provided the first time. Login settings are stored locally when pressing the Start button.

A simple file name is suggested (username plus local filename), and a file description can be entered (default empty). Also, with the Menu-button, a default file prefix and category can be set for future uploads.
5. When the Start button is pressed, the login and upload process will start. Note that existing files on Commons with the same proposed filename are not overwritten.

Android 2.3.4 +
api level 10 +
Internet connection.

Added category
Files will have the category:Images uploaded by Android app included by the inserted template.


november 2, 2011: Minimal error handling, basic functionality works. @Michiel1972
november 4, 2011: Basic error handling added. Extra settings added. @Michiel1972
november 6, 2011: Check if internet connection exist, stop upload otherwise. @Michiel1972
See license file.