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hnet - an experimental decentralized and anonymous database

hnet spreads small amounts of data across several non-traditional storage engines such as images, gists, pastebin, twitter streams, irc chat rooms, etc...

By design, it is not reliable, fast, or consistent.

An ideal use-case for hnet would be storing tuples of server IP addresses and ports.

How does it work?

A series of unknown hnet nodes exist in the cloud

You connect to any number of "known" nodes

These nodes return data and arbitrary JSON-RPC commands

Optionally, JSON-RPC commands are executed

Client receives data from many nodes

Circular node linking is supported through a TTL ( Time To Live )

Saving data creates a new node that links back to at least two existing nodes


For now, you can find many examples of usage here: hnet api examples

There is also a basic http server example which will response to http requests with hnet data

the hnet protocol is JSON

Supports arbitrary data

  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" },
  { "foo": "boo", "something": ["a","b","c"] },
  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" },

Supports JSON-RPC commands

hnet optionally supports JSON-RPC commands.

  { "foo": "boo", "something": ["a","b","c"] },
  { "method": "link", params: [ { "type": "couch", "uri": "http://hnet.iriscouch.com/public/0"} ] },
  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" }

hnet protocol JSON-RPC methods

method: link

params: type, uri

the link method indicates that we should lazily link this document from a remote dataset

type - the type of dataset we are going to load

ex: couch, gist, imgur, irc, etc..

uri - the uri of the node. i.e., the location

ex: http://hnet.iriscouch.com/public/0


{ "method": "link", params: [ { "type": "couch", "uri": "http://hnet.iriscouch.com/public/0"} ] },


  • Finish pluggable crypto system
  • Add additional engines for:
  • Image Steganography
  • PasteBin
  • Reddit
  • Imgur
  • Hacker News deadlink jail
  • Twitter
  • IRC
  • Add pluggable item de-duplication engine