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a decentralized and anonymous database
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hnet - an experimental decentralized and anonymous database

hnet spreads small amounts of data across several non-traditional storage engines such as images, gists, pastebin, twitter streams, irc chat rooms, etc...

hnet is ideal for distributing small amounts of state anonymously. By design, it is not reliable, fast, or consistent.

An ideal use-case for hnet would be storing sets of IP addresses and ports for servers.

How does it work?

will add diagrams here


For now, see examples:

hnet protocol is JSON

Supports arbitrary data

  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" },
  { "foo": "boo", "something": ["a","b","c"] },
  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" },

Supports JSON-RPC commands

hnet optionally supports JSON-RPC commands.

  { "foo": "boo", "something": ["a","b","c"] },
  { "method": "link", params: [ { "type": "couch", "uri": ""} ] },
  { "foo": "bar", "tar": "val" }

hnet protocol JSON-RPC methods

method: link

params: type, uri

the link method indicates that we should lazily link this document from a remote dataset

type - the type of dataset we are going to load

ex: couch, gist, imgur, irc, etc..

uri - the uri of the node. i.e., the location



{ "method": "link", params: [ { "type": "couch", "uri": ""} ] },


  • Finish pluggable crypto system
  • Add additional engines for:
    • Image Stenography
    • PasteBin
    • Reddit
    • Imgur
    • Hacker News deadlink jail
    • Twitter
    • IRC
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