A script to detect merges that occlude (completely override) the changes to their parents
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find-occluded.sh [<commit>] [diffopts]

traverses the ancestors of <commit> (presumed to be HEAD if omitted)
to find commits that have been occluded by a merge.  An occluded
ancestor is essentially reverted, but does not show up in git logs
very clearly.  [diffopts] can be used to pass output options to git

Octopus merges will not be handled correctly.

This script is very slow, and works its way back to the very first
merge commit ancestor.  On long, merge-intensive histories, expect it
to take several minutes to complete.

For a version that works with the msysgit distribution ~ 2013, which
ships many severely outdated versions of the GNU tools, please check
out the unmaintained win32 branch.