Demonstration of signup/forgotpwd/resetpwd/confirm using couchdb and cape as backend
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A demonstration of the usual signup, forget password, reset password and confirm pages associated with user authentication management, implemented without a traditional server buth instead with couchdb and server side workers (cape).

Install of demo

Install a CouchDB instance. Make sure that the CouchDB instance is cors enabled. (in configuration set to true cors/credentials and httpd/enable_cors and set cors/origins/* by clicking ‘Add a new section’ at the bottom of the configuration page and filling in cors, origins and *).

Clone Cape. Edit the bottom of the file backend/rean.js to set/edit username, password and url of the CouchDB instance.Then cd to the repo’s rootfolder and execute node backend/rean.js This starts the backend workers that connect to the CouchDB instance and if necessary initialize it.

This repo contains a server and a builder to quickly setup the demo. Do a npm install in this repo’s root folder and execute bin/serve in one terminal and a bin/build in another folder. Open your browser at http://localhost:9001.

The various relevant html fragments are in build/html and the relevant javascript file is in www/scripts/main.js.

For a description of how it works please see Cape