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##Work in progress... Not everything is working as it should yet.

Seed/scaffold/skeleton for a new javascript or node project using html-builder and bb-server


  • Automatic rebuilding of site when files change
  • Refreshes browser when files change
  • On the fly transpiling of source files by the server, which are then cached by bb-server, so write your code in coffeescript for example, add it to your page and stop worrying about it.
  • All static resources are cached by bb-server, in memory and on disk. If any original file changes only that file gets retranspiled, reminified and/or gzipped.
  • Organise code in nodejs modules for use in the browser (without browserify)
  • Automatic production mode when environment variable is set
  • Stamping of files for caching purposes. So send out static resources with an infinite expire time.
  • Minify and gzip all resources
  • Write your html in snippets, then compose these to make bigger snippets, and then a full page.
  • Server can serve single page application
  • Server can serve phantomjs prerendered pages if a request for an escaped fragment comes in
  • Server is basically a static file server, write your own request handlers for any non-static resource request, separated out by method (GET, POST etc). With a bit of hacking you could implement route handling, just call require fileHandler and pass on the request if there's no applicable route
  • More..

For info on how configure html-builder see builder/recipe.js.

For info on how configure bb-server see server/server.js.

Clone or copy repo.


mv ./js-project ./your-new-project-name
cd ./your-new-project-name

Make sure node, npm and bower are installed.

eg: node install -g bower

Edit .project/package.js and .project/bower.js and enter required packages under dependencies.



This will insert your project name in the right places, install bower and npm packages, create a default, create a default javascript file in src and its docco in docs, and initialize a new git repo.

Edit build/recipe.js to set asset requests and their paths.

Edit server/server.js to configure the node server.

Set bin/URL to the address:port the app gets served from.

To serve:


To build:


Run them in separate terminals and monitor both. See configuration for both bb-server and html-builder on how to enable a socket connection between these two and the browser for auto refresh on any changes to the hmlt/js/css.

If you're working on the bb-server and/or the html-builder use:

bin/serve-nodemon #or

This will restart the relevant node process when the code changes.

bin/clearCache #clears bb-server's cache

Use rsync (edit it first) to deploy to a server


After a rsync, execute clearCache and build on the server to effect changes to the site.

I might change this to a git-deploy at one point with post receive hooks to update and rebuild the site, but for now:

On deployment server run:


Edit .project/package.js

node package.js


node bower.js

to update package.json and bower.json respectively. Version numbers get bumped.



to create docco for the javascript file with the projects name in the docs directory.

Make sure to start scripts in ./bin from the site's directory.