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Hathor Community Faucet



Install the .NET 5 SDK from

Optional: Edit the configuration in appsettings.json. The default settings should provice a basic out of the box experience. Edit the settings to actually talk to the wallet api and send transactions:

  • ConnectionStrings.DefaultConnection: optional SQL connection string. Leave empty to use SqlLite
  • HathorConfig.BaseUrl: URL to your Hathor Headless Wallet API
  • HathorConfig.ApiKey: Optional API key for your headless wallet API
  • HathorConfig.FullNodeBaseUrl: URL to full node. Default configured for testnet More info
  • RecaptchaSiteKey: Your reCaptcha keys
  • RecaptchaSecretKey: Your reCaptcha keys

Run the following commands:

dotnet restore
dotnet run -p Hathor.Faucet.Web


Contributions to this project are welcome! Especially frontend / css / text improvements are needed. Open a PR with your changes. For high impact changes, open an issue to discuss the proposed change you want to make.

Open source credits


Development has been made possible with a grant from Hathor.