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Use MetaMask with Blazor WebAssembly

This library provides an easy helper to use MetaMask with Blazor WebAssembly.

Live Demo

Real world implementation, login with MetaMask: SkyDocs

How to use

See included Blazor sample app.

Install: MetaMask.Blazor on NuGet

Register in Program.cs:


Inject the MetaMaskService in your Razor page

@using MetaMask.Blazor
@inject IMetaMaskService MetaMaskService

or class when using a .razor.cs file:

public IMetaMaskService MetaMaskService { get; set; } = default!;

Use the MetaMaskService:

Check if the user has MetaMask installed:

bool hasMetaMask = await MetaMaskService.HasMetaMask();

Check if the user has previously connected to your site.

bool isSiteConnected = await MetaMaskService.IsSiteConnected();

Initialize a new connection with MetaMask

    await MetaMaskService.ConnectMetaMask();
catch (UserDeniedException)
   //Handle "User Denied" case;

This can throw exceptions if the user decides to not allow the connection.

Once there is a connection, you can use other method calls like:

  • GetSelectedAddress
  • GetTransactionCount
  • SignTypedData
  • SendTransaction
  • or use the generic RPC method: GenericRpc


Listen to events: await MetaMaskService.ListenToEvents();

You can subscribe to two events:

  • IMetaMaskService.AccountChangedEvent
  • IMetaMaskService.NetworkChangedEvent



Development of MetaMask.Blazor has been made possible with a grant from The Graph.