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Build .NET

A decentralized Google Docs alternative running on Sia Skynet (deprecated) and Dfinity Internet Computer.

Live version:



  • Login with your personal username and password
  • See a list of your documents
  • Screenshot preview of all documents
  • Edit documents
  • Delete documents
  • Data is encrypted (except preview images)
  • Share documents with other Ethereum users using The Graph

SkyDocs is build with Blazor and runs on WebAssembly. The SiaSkynet C# SDK is used to communicate with Skynet and SkyDB. The Dfinity.Blazor C# SDK is used to login and communicate with the Dfinity Internet Computer

Instal for local development

Share documents

It's possible to share documents by url, or using a smartcontract interaction when logged in with MetaMask. This setup is explained here.

Open Source Project Credits


Development of SkyDocs v2 has been made possible with a grant from The Graph.

Development of SkyDocs v3 has been made possible with a grant from Dfinity.


Login Login

View all your documents View all your documents

Edit a document Edit a document

Share a document Edit a document

SkyDB Debut Hackathon

SkyDocs was created for The SkyDB Debut hackathon. Finished as Runner Up in the SkyDB Debut Hackathon:

More info and screenshots can be found here.
Screenshots of V2 can be found here.