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Poincare is a Haskell package to generate Poincare disk tilings as SVG.

Currently the code base includes two files: 
SVG.hs      -- a collection of Haskell data types building a DSL for a 
               sub-language of SVG, uses Show instances to actually output 
               correct SQL for the expressions available.
Poincare.hs -- a file implementing hyperbolic geometry primitives and a 
               reflections-based approach to generating regular and 
               quasi-regular tilings of the Poincare disk using Schlaefli 
               symbols of type {p,q}.

Some usage examples are included at the very end of Poincare.hs.

This is utterly unpolished code, and not yet ready for e.g. Hackage publication. 
Furthermore, this does none of the group theory that would be appropriate
to reduce double work in the tiling generation -- instead of generating a tree
covering the Cayley graph of the corresponding symmetry group, this code just 
recursively moves in all directions available at any given moment.

Future plans include some computational group theory to fix this issue.