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The missing Docker Toolkit
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The missing Docker Toolkit

This addresses a few shortcomings of the base docker toolkit. As this technology currently enjoys a growing user base, I hope that this toolkit will be helpful to many. This missing Docker Toolkit provides two important tools:

  • A garbage collector docker_gc which allows for automatic removal of outdated docker images according to complex criterions, such as “keep the 3 last images of our product, the very last image of our base linux distribution, otherwise remove everything which as least three days old.”

  • STILL IN DEVELOPEMENT A docker builder docker_build which automatically assemble a docker context of dynamic parts, such as source code repositories, or online resources.

The missing Docker Toolkit is based on Rashell, a shell-programming library for OCaml.

Build Status

Docker garbage collector

The docker garbage collector applies a policy defined in the configuration file ~/.docker/docker_gc.conf to determine which locally found images are considered obsolete and to be removed.

A policy is a list associating predicates recognising docker images to preservation rules telling if recognised images are to be removed. The following predicates are available:

  • True recognises all images.
  • False recognises no image.
  • Age(n) recognises images whose age is at least the given number of days.
  • Repository(r) recognises images belonging to the given repository.
  • Dandling recognises anonymous, leaf, images.
  • And(a,b) recognises images recognised by a and b.
  • Or(a,b) recognises images recognised by a or b.
  • Not(p) recognises images not recognised by p.

The following actions can be associated to a predicate:

  • Delete requires the deletion of images recognised by the associated predicate.
  • PreserveAll requires the preservation of images recongised by the assocaited predicate.
  • PreserveRecent(n) requires the preservation of the n most recent images recognised by the assocaited predicate.

When applying a policy, the first predicate recognising an image determines if this image should be preserved or not. The PreserveRecent(n) predicates guarantees that at most n images are preserved among the images recognised by the predicate, even if some are preserved by a previous policy association.

Here is an example configuraiton file, to be saved in ~/.docker/docker_gc.conf:

# Lines starting with a hash sign are comments,
#  so are empty lines

Dandling                            : Delete
Not(Age(3))                         : PreserveAll
Repository("organisation/repo")     : PreserveRecent(3)
True                                : Delete

Free software

The missing Docker Toolkit is free software: copying it and redistributing it is very much welcome under conditions of the CeCILL-B licence agreement, found in the COPYING and COPYING-FR files of the distribution.

Setup guide

We describe three methods to setup the missing Docker Toolkit, using opam, performing a manual install or building a docker image.

Setup with opam

It is easy to install the missing Docker Toolkit using opam and its pinning feature. In a shell visiting the repository, say

% autoconf
% opam pin add dockertk .

Setup manually

It is also possible to install the missing Docker Toolkit manually. The installation procedure is based on the portable build system BSD Owl Scripts written for BSD Make.

  1. Verify that prerequisites are installed:

  2. Get the source, either by cloning the repository or by exploding a distribution tarball.

  3. Optionally run autoconf to produce a configuration script. This is only required if the script is not already present.

  4. Run ./configure, you can choose the installation prefix with --prefix.

  5. Run make build.

  6. Optionally run make test to test your build.

  7. Finally run make install.

Depending on how BSD Make is called on your system, you may need to replace make by bsdmake or bmake in steps 5, 6, and 7. The GNU Make program usually give up the ghost, croaking *** missing separator. Stop. when you mistakingly use it instead of BSD Make.

Step 7 requires that you can su - if you are not already root.

Setup with docker

To prepare a docker image, issue the folloing command in a shell visiting a working copy of the repository:

% docker build -t dockertk -f Library/docker/Dockerfile .

This prepares a dockertk image containing the programs found in this repository. To run the docker_gc program, please install the wrapper script in Library/docker/ in your personal path, or wherever seems appropriate:

% install -d "${HOME}/bin"
% install -m 750 Library/docker/ "${HOME}/bin"

The script assumes that the environment variables DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY, DOCKER_HOST and DOCKER_CERT_PATH convey docker configuration. If your setting differ, you may need to edit that script. If you are stuck, please open an issue in the issue tracker.

Michael Grünewald in Schwerin, on November 8, 2015

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