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gomusicbrainz License MIT GoDoc GoWalker Build Status

a Go (Golang) MusicBrainz WS2 client library - a work in progress.

gopherbrainz Oo

Current state

Currently GoMusicBrainz provides methods to perform search and lookup requests. Browse requests are not supported yet.


$ go get

Search Requests

GoMusicBrainz provides a search method for every WS2 search request in the form:

func (*WS2Client) Search<ENTITY>(searchTerm, limit, offset) (<ENTITY>SearchResponse, error)

searchTerm follows the Apache Lucene syntax and can either contain multiple fields with logical operators or just a simple search string. Please refer to for more details on the lucene syntax. In addition the [MusicBrainz website] ( provides information about all possible query-fields.


This example demonstrates a simple search requests to find the artist Parov Stelar. You can find it as a runnable go program in the samples folder.

// create a new WS2Client.
client := gomusicbrainz.NewWS2Client(
    "A GoMusicBrainz example",

// Search for some artist(s)
resp, _ := client.SearchArtist(`artist:"Parov Stelar"`, -1, -1)

// Pretty print Name and score of each returned artist.
for _, artist := range resp.Artists {
    fmt.Printf("Name: %-25sScore: %d\n", artist.Name, resp.Scores[artist])

the above code will produce the following output:

Name: Parov Stelar             Score: 100
Name: Parov Stelar Trio        Score: 80
Name: Parov Stelar & the Band  Score: 70

Lookup Requests

GoMusicBrainz provides two ways to perform lookup requests: Either the specific lookup method that is implemented for each entity that has a lookup endpoint in the form

func(*WS2Client) Lookup<ETITY>(id MBID, inc ...string) (*<ENTITY>, error)

or the common lookup method if you already have an entity (with MBID) that implements the MBLookupEntity interface:

func(*WS2Client) Lookup(entity MBLookupEntity, inc ...string) error


The following example demonstrates the (specific) LookupArtist method. You can find it as a runnable go program in the samples folder.

// create a new WS2Client.
client, _ := gomusicbrainz.NewWS2Client(
    "A GoMusicBrainz example",

// Lookup artist by id.
artist, err := client.LookupArtist("9a709693-b4f8-4da9-8cc1-038c911a61be")

if err != nil {

fmt.Printf("%+v", artist)

Package Documentation

Full documentation for this package can be found at GoDoc and GoWalker