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About 6,500 Irish lemmas ordered by corpus frequency, with noise removed.
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Irish Word Frequency List

This is a list of approximately 6,500 Irish lemmas (= "words") ordered by frequency of use. It has been extracted from the Irish half of the New Corpus for Ireland and then cleaned up by cross-checking against a large-coverage lexicon (Kevin Scannell's Líonra Séimeantach na Gaeilge) and removing lemmas that don't occur in this lexicon. The result is a list which is "clean" in the sense that it doesn't contain any punctuation, personal names, English words or other noise.


Available under the Open Database License.


This is a plain-text tab-delimited file encoded in UTF-8 with Windows-style line breaks.

  • Column 1 is the lemma's rank: number 1 means the first most frequently used lemma, number 2 the second, and so on.
  • Column 2 is the lemma itself.
  • Column 3 is the lemma's corpus frequency: a number that says how many times it occurs in the entire corpus.
  • Column 4 is the lemma's window size: it tells you that the lemma occurs on average once in this number of words.
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