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Github Issues Review chrome extension

Collaborative peer reviews for your repositories

At Teambox we follow a Git release flow where:

  1. Developers send their pull requests
  2. The release manager assigns them to a specific release, without merging them yet
  3. Other developers code review pull requests and add thumbs (👍) when they approve them
  4. Once a pull request has 2 or more thumbs, it's ready to be merged into a release

This Chrome extension eases this flow.

How to install

Install from the Chrome webstore, that's it.

How it works

Whenever you load pull requests, the extension will note how many thumbs they have. When visiting the Issues page of your repository, you will see these votes counts.

  • The thumb icon (👍) will appear next to issues you have already reviewed
  • A number (+ 1, + 2, etc) will appear, indicating how many other people approved those pull requests
  • Any issues with more than two thumbs will appear with a green background
  • Hover over the thumb or vote counter to see who reviewed this pull request

Github Issues Review