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Pac-Man multiplayer server - Scala & basic FP

Project is a playground for playing with simple functional programming tools in Scala to build services that are easily testable.

Testing manually using cURL

> curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v http://localhost:8080/backend/games -d '{ "gridName": "small" }'
> curl http://localhost:8080/backend/games/1
> curl http://localhost:8080/backend/games/1
> curl http://localhost:8080/backend/games/1
> curl -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8080/games/1/direction -d '{ "newDirection": "south" }'
> curl http://localhost:8080/backend/games/1

Workshop: TDDing Functional Web Apps

Get some theoretical and practical overview of the TDD approach & Functional Programming by creating a multiplayer Pac-Man game server.

  • First steps in Scala and Scalatest.
  • Test Driven Development (baby steps, starting with the game logic and moving towards HTTP).
  • Purely functional approach (separated data and behaviors, no exceptions, ADTs, Options).
  • Modeling using immutable structures.
  • Separating the concerns by using functions as input parameters.
  • Creating loosely coupled modules by using type parameters.
  • Using function composition to connect all the dots.
  • Using optics to deal with immutable changing data.


Workshop plan

Part I: Immutability (warm-up)

  • theory
    • using immutable structures
    • bags of functions
  • practice - GameEngine
    • review GameState and how GameEngine contains functions that get and return GameState
    • TODO: make "(not) start the game with specified grid" tests green

Part II: Introduction to stateless tests & TDD using Scalatest

  • theory
    • difference between tests and TDD tests
    • using traits to easily isolate test environments
  • practice - GameEngineTest
    • review already implemented tests
    • review implementation: how movePacMan evolved into "not move Pac-Man into a wall" test
    • TODO: implement "wrap Pac-Man around the grid (horizontally/vertically)" failing tests and make them green
    • TODO (optional): implement brand new "move Pac-Man in the desired direction after wall ends" failing test and make it green
    • all GameEngineTest tests should be green

Part III: Separating the concerns using functions

  • theory
    • how to properly unit test the HTTP layer?
    • review entangled.StatefulHttpRoutes - hard to test means entangled concerns
    • using functions as parameters
    • abstracting over state using type parameters
  • practice - HttpRoutesTest
    • live coding "(not) allow creating a new game in chosen grid configuration" test and implementation (using GameState first)
    • TODO: implement "(not) allow getting Pac-Man's state in an (unknown) existing game" failing tests and make them green
    • TODO (optional): think how would you approach using newly created HttpRoutes functions in production server
  • reading:

Part IV: Connecting all dots

  • theory
    • integration tests without running a server?
  • practice
    • TODO: make StatefulHttpRouteTest green

Talk: Building testable APIs with functions and meshes

Slides are available on speakerdeck.


Backend for multiplayer Pac-Man games using basic FP techniques in Scala.







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