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Filestash Configuration

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Need additional flexibility? contact us directly, we can even generate a custom build just for you!

The admin console

The admin console enables you to change the settings of your Filestash instance. It can be accessed at:

admin console screenshot

The admin console lets you:

  1. configure your instance with a whole range of customisations
  2. see your logs
  3. create a login screen which suits your specific needs. As an example: other instance screenshot

Configure the Dropbox connector

Configuring Dropbox must be done by:

  1. requesting access to the Dropbox API. Without this, Filestash can't access anything stored on the Dropbox servers. To do that, go there{:rel="nofollow"}, then:
    • click: "Create App"
    • select: "dropbox api"
    • select: "Full Dropbox" or "App folder"
    • type: "whatever name you want"
    • in the 'redirect URI' field, insert
  2. store the client_id configuration given by Dropbox (also known as the App key) in the admin console or by setting the DROPBOX_CLIENT_ID environment variable

Configure the Google Drive connector

Configuring Google drive can be done by:

  1. Requesting access to the Google Drive API. Without this, Filestash cannot store anything on Google's servers. To do that, you need to go there{:rel="nofollow"} and enable the Drive API. Then, go there{:rel="nofollow"} and create credentials that Filestash will be using to communicate with Google
  2. Publish the configuration provided by Google (client_id and client_secret) in your Filestash admin console or by setting the GDRIVE_CLIENT_ID and GDRIVE_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables