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Contributing Guide

Thanks for taking the time to join our community and start contributing. This guide will help you get started with the Filestash project.

How to contribute?

Before you submit a pull request

For anything else than a typo or an obvious bug fix, please raise an issue to discuss your proposal before submitting any code.

License for contributions

As the copyright owner, you agree to license your contributions under an irrevocable MIT license.

Building from source


  • Git
  • Make
  • Node
  • Go

Download the source

export $GOPATH=/wherever/you/want
mkdir -p && cd
git clone
cd filestash

Install dependencies

# frontend dependencies
npm install

# backend dependencies
go get ./server/...
make build_init # beware this will install the required C headers under /usr/local/include/



# Production build:
make build_frontend

# Development build:
npm run dev


make build_backend




# clear the frontend
rm -rf ./dist/data/public/
# clear the entire build
rm -rf ./dist


Our tests aren't open source. This comes as an attempt to restrict opportunistic forks (see 1 and 2) from creating a stable release without serious commitment and splitting the community in pieces while I'm on holidays. Also the project welcome serious and willing maintainers.

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