ActiveModel validation for email. Including MX lookup and disposable email blacklist
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Validate emails with the help of the mail gem instead of some clunky regexp. Aditionally validate that the domain has a MX record. Optionally validate against a static list of disposable email services. Optionally validate that the email is not subaddressed (RFC5233).


There are lots of other gems and libraries that validates email addresses but most of them use some clunky regexp. I also saw a need to be able to validate that the email address is not coming from a "disposable email" provider.

Is it production ready?

Yes, it is used in several production apps.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem "valid_email2"

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install valid_email2


Use with ActiveModel

If you just want to validate that it is a valid email address:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :email, presence: true, 'valid_email_2/email': true

To validate that the domain has a MX record:

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { mx: true }

To validate that the domain is not a disposable email:

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { disposable: true }

To validate that the domain is not a disposable email or a disposable email but whitelisted (under vendor/whitelist.yml):

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { disposable_with_whitelist: true }

To validate that the domain is not blacklisted (under vendor/blacklist.yml):

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { blacklist: true }

To validate that email is not subaddressed:

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { disallow_subaddressing: true }

All together:

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { mx: true, disposable: true, disallow_subaddressing: true}

Note that this gem will let an empty email pass through so you will need to add presence: true if you require an email

Use without ActiveModel

address ="")
address.valid? => true
address.disposable? => false
address.valid_mx? => true
address.subaddressed? => false

Test environment

If you are validating mx then your specs will fail without an internet connection. It is a good idea to stub out that validation in your test environment.
Do so by adding this in your spec_helper:

config.before(:each) do
  allow_any_instance_of(ValidEmail2::Address).to receive(:valid_mx?) { true }


This gem requires Rails 3.2 or 4.0 or higher. It is tested against both versions using:

  • Ruby-2.2
  • Ruby-2.3
  • Ruby-2.4

Upgrading to v2.0.0

In version 1.0 of valid_email2 we only defined the email validator.
But since other gems also define a email validator this can cause some unintended behaviours and emails that shouldn't be valid are regarded valid because the wrong validator is used by rails.

So in version 2.0 we decided to deprecate using the email validator directly and instead define a valid_email_2/email validator to be sure that the correct validator gets used.

So this:

validates :email, email: { mx: true, disposable: true }

Becomes this:

validates :email, 'valid_email_2/email': { mx: true, disposable: true }


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