Additional Layouts

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ArcadeBliss - Cabinet

ArcadeBliss - Info Overload

  • CoinOps - based on CoinOps emulator from XBox classic


  • Concept Layout - A simple layout concept (16:9) inspired by Dom DXecutioner's XBMC Origins theme

Concept Layout

  • Cools - cools' layout: "the joe blade edition"


  • daphne theme - Very simple daphne theme based off of a Hyperspin theme.

daphne theme

  • Desktop Handheld theme - This is a group of themes for handhelds living in their natural environment: the top of a desk.

Desktop Handheld theme

ES - Inspired

  • Finalburn - based on Finalburn Legends for XBox classic


  • Flavors Layout - A simple layout concept (16:9) inspired by Dom DXecutioner's XBMC Origins theme

Flavors Layout Flavors Layout

Game Station Game Station

Grid Game Station

  • Machines - adapted from the "Machines" 3D Arcade skin by PucPuc. Complete with blinking lights.


Maelstrom layout

  • mvscomplete - mvscomplete is designed as a better option than a 161-in-1 multicart for the neo geo mvs. It works well at vga (640x480) and higher 4:3 aspect resolutions.


Nesica X Live

Ol'Room 16:9 Ol'Room 4:3


  • Reflect - layout with snap/video reflection


  • Robo - basic layout that shows game screen and marquee in a cabinet.


Robospin Robospin

Simple Arcade

  • Simulacra - A remake of Emulation Station theme


  • Swapper - Luke's swapper layout (no preview image)

  • Torchi's Arcade Theme (.rar) customized based on the theme "ps2 layout" created by fellow "cherwilco" to run on my arcade 29 "(640x480 px)

Torchi's Arcade Theme

  • uni_cade - old universal theme that I revamped with animated stars, random color frame and text. Game info in concentrated viewing area, easier on the eyes.


  • Warp - Starfield simulation. Hook up an analog joystick to steer! For best results use this with the wireframe artworks posted by Le Chuck at the BYOAC forum


  • Xtras Layout - "xtras" theme based on Gilou9999's skins for Madmab edition emulators on Xbox Classic

Xtras Layout

Broken Links (Please update or remove)

  • Extended - Sample layout for Liquid8d's ExtendedObject and Animation library (no preview image)

Advmenu - Inspired Theme in Advance Menu frontend - Created by Balrog Silva - Video in Youtube Channel Manual do Fliperama - 1024x768 resolution (


Contributions welcome...

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