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Default check:

OK memory within bounds.
'page used'=8G;19;21 'page used %'=33%;79;89 'physical used'=7G;9;10 'physical used %'=65%;79;89

Using --show-all to show the result:

check_memory "warn=free < 20%" "crit=free < 10G" --show-all
page = 8.05G, physical = 7.85G
'page free'=15G;4;2 'page free %'=66%;19;9 'physical free'=4G;2;1 'physical free %'=34%;19;9

Changing the return syntax to include more information::

check_memory "top-syntax=${list}" "detail-syntax=${type} free: ${free} used: ${used} size: ${size}"
page free: 16G used: 7.98G size: 24G, physical free: 4.18G used: 7.8G size: 12G

Default check via NRPE::

check_nrpe --host --command check_memory
OK memory within bounds.|'page'=531G;3;3;0;3 'page %'=12%;79;89;0;100 'physical'=530G;1;1;0;1 'physical %'=25%;79;89;0;100