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Default check:

Performance data: 'taskhost.exe'=1;1;0 'dwm.exe'=1;1;0 'explorer.exe'=1;1;0 ... 'chrome.exe'=1;1;0 'vcpkgsrv.exe'=1;1;0 'vcpkgsrv.exe'=1;1;0 

Default check via NRPE::

check_nrpe --host --command check_process
SetPoint.exe=hung|'smss.exe state'=1;0;0 'csrss.exe state'=1;0;0...

Check that specific process are running::

check_process process=explorer.exe process=foo.exe
Performance data: 'explorer.exe'=1;1;0 'foo.exe'=0;1;0

Check memory footprint from specific processes::

check_process process=explorer.exe "warn=working_set > 70m"
Performance data: 'explorer.exe ws_size'=73M;70;0

Extend the syntax to display the attributes we are interested in::

check_process process=explorer.exe "warn=working_set > 70m" "detail-syntax=${exe} ws:${working_set}, handles: ${handles}, user time:${user}s"
explorer.exe ws:77271040, handles: 800, user time:107s
Performance data: 'explorer.exe ws_size'=73M;70;0

List all processes which use more then 200m virtual memory Default check via NRPE::

check_nrpe --host --command check_process --arguments "filter=virtual > 200m"
OK all processes are ok.|'csrss.exe state'=1;0;0 'svchost.exe state'=1;0;0 'AvastSvc.exe state'=1;0;0 ...