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Default check:

OK all services are ok.

Excluding services using exclude::

check_service "exclude=clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32"  "exclude=clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_64"
WARNING: gupdate=stopped (auto), Net Driver HPZ12=stopped (auto), NSClientpp=stopped (auto), nscp=stopped (auto), Pml Driver HPZ12=stopped (auto), SkypeUpdate=stopped (auto), sppsvc=stopped (auto)

Show all service by changing the syntax::

check_service "top-syntax=${list}" "detail-syntax=${name}:${state}"
AdobeActiveFileMonitor10.0:running, AdobeARMservice:running, AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateSvc:stopped, ..., WwanSvc:stopped

Excluding services using the filter::

check_service "filter=start_type = 'auto' and name not in ('Bonjour Service', 'Net Driver HPZ12')"
AdobeActiveFileMonitor10.0: running, AdobeARMservice: running, AMD External Events Utility: running,  ... wuauserv: running

Default check via NRPE::

check_nrpe --host --command check_service
WARNING: DPS=stopped (auto), MSDTC=stopped (auto), sppsvc=stopped (auto), UALSVC=stopped (auto)

Check that a service is not started::

check_service service=nscp "crit=state = 'started'" warn=none
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