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LOOKING FOR A MAINTAINER: I am looking for a maintainer for this project

Google Analytics plugin for video.js

Getting Started

Download videojs and

In your web page:

<video id="video" src="movie.mp4" controls></video>
<script src="video.js"></script>
<script src="dist/"></script>
videojs('video', {}, function() {; // "load the plugin, by defaults tracks everything!!"

Please note that the Google Analytics script must be loaded before the ga plugin


You can provide options to the plugin either by passing them in the javascript or in the html.{
  'eventsToTrack': ['fullscreen', 'resize'],
  'debug': true
<video id="video" src="movie.mp4" controls data-setup='{"ga": {"eventsToTrack": ["error"]}}'></video>

The plugin will take in priority options provided in the javascript, followed by the ones provided in html and finally the defaults.

The following options are supported:


This is the category sent to GA. If you don't know what it is please check GA's doc default: 'Video'


This is the label sent to GA. If you don't know what it is please check GA's doc default: basename of the video path so if the path is the label would be pouet


The events you want to track. Most of this events are videojs events. Some of them might reflects my needs. I'm open to add some more if you care to provide a good use case or a pull request. default: every events [ 'loaded', 'percentsPlayed', 'start', 'end', 'seek', 'play', 'pause', 'resize', 'volumeChange', 'error', 'fullscreen']

Most of the events are selft explanatory, here's the ones that may need more details:

  • percentsPlayed: will send an event every X percents. X being defined by the option percentsPlayedInterval.


This options goes with the percentsPlayed event. Every percentsPlayedInterval percents an event will be sent to GA. default: 10


If set to false, console logs will be ommited default: false

ga.js and analytics.js

This plugin supports the ga.js and the newer analytics.js Google Analytics libraries. It autodetects the library you use.

See information in google

To view the data on Google, access your account in analytics, in left panel click in Behavior > Events > Top Events.


  • track the engine used (html5/flash) along with the source (ogg, mp4, ...)
  • track the time to download the video