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Trigger Jenkins Job - A GitHub Action

The Trigger Jenkins Job is a composite run step custom action that can be used to trigger a Jenkins job, wait for it to complete, and return the results. Please make sure to read this README completely, as there are some caveats to using this action.


For many people who move to using GitHub Enteprise Cloud, but have a strong investment in Jenkins, the ability to continue to use Jenkins is required. However, for most people, Jenkins is not exposed to the Internet, so the ability to create a webhook to, say, trigger a Jenkins job on creation of a pull request is not possible. We can, however, simulate a webhook by creating a GitHub Actions workflow, and using a self-hosted runner inside a company's network.

This action was designed to be used in that scenario, though it could be used in other scenarios as well. The action itself is written as a Bash script, which is why a Linux runner is required. It makes use of curl commands against the Jenkins API to trigger and poll, hence the need for curl to be installed on the runner.

Please feel free to contribute back to this action if you are interested.


The following are known issues with this action:

  • The action only works on Linux runners
  • The Linux runners must have curl installed
  • Currently the action only works with jobs with no parameters. Parameters will be available in a future version

Example Workflow

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - id: triggerjenkinsjob
        uses: mickeygoussetorg/trigger-jenkins-job@v1
          jenkins-server:  "${{ secrets.JENKINS_SERVER }}" # URL of the jenkins server. ex:
          jenkins-job: "mySampleApp" # The name of the jenkins job to run
          jenkins-username: ${{ secrets.JENKINS_USERNAME }} # user name for accessing jenkins
          jenkins-pat: ${{ secrets.JENKINS_PAT }} # personal Access token for accessing Jenkins
          poll-time: 10 # how often (seconds) to poll the jenkins server for results
          timeout-value: 600 # How long (seconds) to poll before timing out the action
          verbose: true # true/false - turns on extra logging

Input Variables

Variable Name Description
jenkins-server Text string the URL to your Jenkins server. Example: It is suggested you put this value in a secret.
jenkins-job Text string containing the name of the Jenkins job to execute
jenkins-username Text string of username to access Jenkins. It is suggested you put this value in a secret
jenkins-pat Text string of personal access token to access Jenkins. It is suggested you put this value in a secret
poll-time Time, in seconds, of how often the action should poll the Jenkins job to see if it has completed
timeout-value Time, in seconds, of how long the action should run before timing out, i.e. how long should the action wait for Jenkins to complete the job
verbose true/false. This value, when true, enables extra logging in the build output. By default it is false, meaning minimal logging