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Apex code for my talk "Microservices inside Salesforce With Platform Events and Change Data Capture"
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Microservices inside Salesforce With Platform Events and Change Data Capture

Thank you for coming to my talk, I hope that it was informative. This repository contains the salesforce code used in the demonstration.

Please note, it is not production ready as is intended to be used only as an example.

Apex Services and Apex Invoicing Service


This repository contains the apex code used in the demonstration, including the on-platform invoicing service. It can be used in conjunction with the off-platform invoicing service located here.


Change Data Capture needs to be enabled for Opportunities prior to deployment.

Once this repository is deployed to a salesforce org, it will then generate an invoice each time an opportunity is changed to Closed/Won

If you wish to use it in conjunction with the off platform service, you should first deactivate GenerateInvoicePDFTrigger

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