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GNU/Linux for Android devices
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GNU/Linux for Android devices

GNU/Linux | Android | Convergence

The target of this project is to create a convergence between the desktop and the mobile/phablet... so to build new mobile OS based on existing GNU/Linux distributions with the most common parts possible.

This repository include :

  • Android build integration
  • Android OTA zip file creation per distribution
  • Distributions packaging (not yet available upstream) to build a GNU/Linux system with Android Hardware/software support
  • Documentation about architecture, device portage, build instruction, ...


Work in progress to fit with Halium initiative. We try our best to don't break anything as gnulinx_support and Halium will have some divergence.


Please read the complete documentation available under Docs. That will permit you to support this project by porting new Android devices or new distributions compatible.

GNU/Linux distribution needs support for :

  • ARM architecture
  • systemd
  • Qt 5.6
  • plasma 5.6

Distributions supported

  • Archlinux (archlinuxarm)
  • help us to port Fedora, Redhat, Debian, Gentoo ...

Android devices supported

  • Sony Xperia S (Nozomi) : in progress (our reference device)
  • more to come with your help
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