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Cypress Tests for the Catch of the Day Project

Origins of this Project

This Cypress project was created as an examples for those curious to play around with Cypress but don't want to get a full project setup. I have given a presentation several times on the topic and have a written article on the conent available:

Cypress Project

The purpose of this repo is to offer an easy to test project using Cypress. In the main directory you will find a Cypress folder. This contains the Cypress tests and helpers that make it possible.

Test Project (Catch of the Day)

The project Cypress is testing was built by following along the React For Beginners course by Wes Bos. If you're interested in the project that is being tested, I highly encourage you taking this or any of his courses.

The main contents of this project are found in the src folder within the main directory.

I chose to use TypeScript on top of JavaScript to provide typing in these files. This helped me to write the tests and I'm sure it'll help you understand them.

Getting Started

In the local directory where you want to set up this project, clone this repository and change into the directory

git clone

cd cypress-cotd

Then install the node packages

npm install

Note: If this fails because it could not find Python, this is likely because packages from Firebase have gotten out of date. Try force installing: npm install --force

After installation is complete, run the Cypress tests:

npm run cypress

You'll notice that some tests are failing! This is because some tests are running against the deployed version of this app, while others are running against the local version. To get the local versions to pass, start up your local development server of the Test Project:

npm run start

Exploring Tests


The first test file of interest is create-store.spec.ts. This is where I test both the webUrl ( and the localUrl (http://localhost:3000/) as mentioned above. Feel free to explore and mess around with these tests. I chose a few different methods of testing to highlight the power of Cypress commands, dropping into JQuery for element inspection, and dropping into Chai for further assertions.


The second test file is order-fish.spec.ts. To streamline the tests here, I just used one URL variable url, and committed it with the web URL ( so that tests would pass even if the local server isn't running. Feel free to start the local server with npm run start and swap out the url to run the tests locally.

There are a few tests provided in these file, however I left room for you to implement further tests. Have fun exploring!

Files in Project

The following is the directory structure of the project. The main folders you will be interested in are cypress and src:

▸ build/
▸ cypress/
▸ node_modules/
▸ public/
▸ src/

Within the Cypress folder you have the integration folder which contains our tests. The support folder contains the custom Cypress commands - a great feature in Cypress.

▾ cypress/
  ▸ fixtures/
  ▾ integration/
   - create-store.spec.ts
   - order-fish.spec.ts
  ▸ plugins/
  ▾ support/
   - commands.js
   - index.js
  - tsconfig.json

The actual Catch of the Day project is contained in the src folder.

▾ src/
  ▸ components/
  ▸ css/
  - base.js
  - helpers.js
  - index.js
  - react-app-env.d.ts
  - sample-fishes.js

Other files include this We also have cypress.json where the environment variables are stored. You are probably familiar with package.json, where the packages and startup scripts are contains. Lastly, tsconfig.json contains some rules for TypeScript.

- cypress.json
- debug.log
- package-lock.json
- package.json
- security-rules.json
- tsconfig.json

## Setting Up Auth
Currently, Auth with Firebase is deactivate with this project. However, you can feel free to uncomment the lines of code around this and get this project setup with auth. Then, try to test your authentication with [this package](


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