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For simulate key press in Linux, Windows and Mac in golang
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This library simulates the key press on the keyboard.

Important :

  • The keys change in the different keyboard layout configuration of the target computer.
  • I have tested this code on the different system and I don't find the error, but I don't granted this update have no bug. If you have a bug, please create an issue.

For simulate key press in Linux, Windows and Mac in golang

An example :

package main

import (

func main() {
	kb, err := keybd_event.NewKeyBonding()
	if err != nil {

	// For linux, it is very important wait 2 seconds
	if runtime.GOOS == "linux" {
		time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)
	//set keys
	kb.SetKeys(keybd_event.VK_A, keybd_event.VK_B) 

	//set shif is pressed

	err = kb.Launching() 
	if err != nil {
	//Ouput : AB

For easy access of all keys on the virtual keyboard, I have added more special keycodes constants VK_SP*.

The next picture is a good solution to understand



On Linux this library use uinput, but generally, on the major distributions, the uinput is only for the root user.

The easy solution is executing on root user or change permission by chmod, but it is not good.

You can follow the next example, for more security.

sudo groupadd uinput
sudo usermod -a -G uinput my_username
sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
echo "SUBSYSTEM==\"misc\", KERNEL==\"uinput\", GROUP=\"uinput\", MODE=\"0660\"" | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/uinput.rules
echo uinput | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/uinput.conf

Another subtlety on Linux, it is important after creating keybd_event, to waiting 2 seconds before running first keyboard actions

Darwin (MAC OS)

This library depends on the frameworks Apple, I did not find a solution for cross-compilation.

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