Vagrant box with the Typesafe Activator / play! framework
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Typesafe Activator / play! Framework Vagrant File

Sets up a trusty64 Ubuntu box (with 3GB RAM) with Java and the Typesafe Activator to get started with play! and rest of the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Even though included in the activator this vagrant file also provision a stand-alone version of Scala and sbt - to use them seperatly.

Follow installation guide on to install Vagrant and VirtualBox


This Vagrantfile has grown to contain the setup for quite a few addons, feel free to comment out any storage and FE tooling you won't need in before running vagrant up to setup the vm.

Control Vagrant

Start box
vagrant up
SSH into box
vagrant ssh
Shut down box
vagrant halt
Tear down box
vagrant destroy

More documentation on

Running your existing app in Vagrant

Store your existing app in a folder named activator-project as a sibling of the one containing the Vagrant files. vagrant up the box and vagrant ssh into it. Now you can cd /activator-project/ and start it via activator run.

You might have to restart vagrant box before running your app the first time, if the activator hangs on installing sbt.