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  • Fix client WebSocket connection creation
  • Fix dynamic HTTP host removal


  • Added virtual hosts defined with wild cards, websocket host included
  • Added
  • Added connection.use() and connection.unuse() methods
  • Improve websocket message broadcasting
  • Improved internal code reutilization


  • Fixed simples.server not being defined
  • Now port argument will overwrite port property in server or mirror options
  • Removed limitation for error routes to use only 404, 405 and 500 errors
  • Added possibility to trigger defined error routes using the estatus event of the host


  • Added start and stop events for server and mirror instances
  • Fixed default session store to be compliant to the specs described in the docs
  • Fixed default session clean up
  • Throw error when mirror is on the same port with the main server instead of silent fail
  • Improve restart functional for server and mirror instances
  • Added some improved tests


  • Add serve event when the host cache is ready
  • Fix connection.cache() max age option checking
  • Fix WS channel .broadcast() with simple modes


  • Fix incorrect HTTP host configuration


  • Reveal .connections for WS host and channel in the public docs
  • Fix streams to work properly in node >0.12 versions
  • Fix rendering in WebSocket connection
  • Fix middleware removing


  • Added Mirrors
  • No more HTTP + HTTPS functional, use Mirrors instead
  • Improved Client API request piping
  • Improved QS parser to force array values
  • Fixed render listeners creation
  • Fixed websocket connection keep alive process in node >0.12 versions
  • Added timeout option for HTTP and WS hosts


  • Add connection.cache() method
  • Fix importer to be optional in host routing when the listener is a string


  • Update recache dependency for bug fixing


  • Expose connection session to middlewares
  • Added simples.server() for consistency
  • connection.keep() will always set 0 timeout for invalid timeout value
  • Added options to host.serve() for configuring the cache
  • Moved cache and mime to external dependencies


  • Improved template engine capabilities
  • Fixed WebSocket limit for received data
  • Fixed possible crash on WebSocket errors
  • Small docs fixes


  • Fixed implementation of routes with functions as importer parameter
  • Improved performance for session keys generation


  • Improved ws pong frame creation
  • Improved performance for broadcasting data in websocket host and channel with filter
  • Changed the way errors are emitted in non-TTY environment
  • Improved routing process by removing an unnecessary checking step
  • Moved routing process to be after all middlewares are executed
  • Fixed some bugs related to CORS and websocket channel closing


  • Add support for node.js 0.12 and io.js 1.x
  • Implemented simples.client
  • Disabled response compression by default
  • Modified connection.ip to be net.socket.address() content
  • Added
  • Removed referers from HTTP host configuration as it's not so useful
  • Added more options for CORS in host configuration
  • Use plain parser when no other parser is valid for request parsing
  • Simplified parsing API for json and urlencoded data
  • Improved internal request routing and static file caching
  • Replaced type option, raw and advanced modes from WebSocket configuration with binary, text and object modes
  • Added separated accepted origins for WebSocket configuration
  • Improved client-side code
  • Improved examples
  • Fixed documention errors
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed and improved documentation to be up-to-date with the code
  • Rewritten the client-side to wrap the code inside a closure
  • Improved the client-side code
  • Improved the search of the dynamic routes


  • Fixed documentation about routes with render and importer
  • Improved requests routing
  • Fixed crash because of cache.destroy()
  • Fixed crash because of ws socket receiving null data


  • Improved server's commands execution
  • Improved some internal functional related to websockets
  • Improved connection preparation
  • Fixed server crash because of possible incorect request body
  • Fixed incorrect cache reading


  • Fixed HTTPS content serving
  • Implement a better synchronisation between HTTP and HTTPS servers


  • Fixed routes which rendered views
  • Fixed cache root reading
  • Added importer functional for connection.render()
  • Fixed channels container structure
  • Improved internal structure
  • Documentation fixes


  • Fixed default session store crash
  • Fixed Last-Modified header to have value compliant the HTTP standard
  • Added Last-Modified header for cached directories
  • Reworked the server instance creation
  • Some documentation fixes


  • Improved cookies and langs parsers
  • Revealed connection.request and connection.response in the public docs
  • Removed session for static content
  • Implemented connection.log()
  • Removed host.log in favor of connection.log
  • Now session stores should manage expired sessions
  • Fixed incorect session cookie expire time


  • Modified error handling for the server and hosts
  • Improved internal structure
  • Fixed configuration copy


  • Implemented new API for HTTP connection parsing using .parse() method
  • Removed connection.body and connection.files in favor of connection.parse()
  • Improvements for WS messages creation
  • Improved HTTP request parsers
  • Adjusted some implementation inaccuracy to the documentation
  • Documentation updates
  • Adapted host configuration to the new request parsing API
  • Improved internal structure
  • Small bufixes


  • Implemented filtered compression by content type
  • Improved ws client simple API
  • Added .link() method for defining relations with other locations
  • Removed .length() method because of possible unexpected behavior with compression
  • Fixed incorrect multipart data attaching to the connection object


  • Improved client-side API
  • Improved connection API to return headers values, status code
  • Added the possibility to remove headers from the response
  • Implemented session store
  • Removed the need in session secret key
  • Added prefered type of compression
  • Added .length() method to define or get the content length header
  • Fixed static directory routing
  • Internal structure improvements


  • Improved dynamic routes searching
  • Improved general routing performance
  • Added * wildcard character to dynamic routes to match any string
  • Added .close() method for the connection interface as an synonym for .end()
  • Small bugfixes


  • Fixed DELETE requests routing
  • Changed configuration for the HTTP and the WS hosts
  • Improved internal structure and global processes, in special sessions


  • Fixed session data applying
  • Improved cache behavior
  • Improved internal session process
  • Improved cookies applying


  • Fixed CORS content providing
  • Small internal structure impromevents


  • Improved configuration for http host and ws host
  • Added session cookies protection
  • Added connection.keep()
  • Some internal fixes and improvements


  • Added callback to simples instance
  • Improved internal structure
  • Improved request routing
  • Fixed advanced routing bugs
  • Fixed some WS API issues


  • Improved request parsing, added parsing for json data
  • Parsed data is now stored in connection.body
  • Fixed bugs related to dynamic caching and cache accesing
  • Improved client-side API


  • Implemented static server behavior for serving index.html if present for subdirectories
  • Fixed 500 error for request to subdirectories when no callback is defined in .serve() method
  • Fixed new behavior for sending WebSocket protocol header for Google Chrome 30
  • Fixed behavior of client-side WS API on Firefox when the message size is too big


  • API clean up, removed .open(), .close() methods for HTTP and WS hosts
  • Added .config() method for WS host
  • Improved logger, added configurable stream
  • Renamed configuration names for HTTP and WS hosts (some changes may still be made here)
  • Fixed WebSocket parsing when receiving a bunch of frames
  • Other small bugfixes


  • Fixed POST requests behavior
  • Made that .host() method will create or return an existing host or the main host
  • Documented .route() method as another way to create routes


  • Added logger functionality
  • Improved WebSocket unmasking
  • Improved dynamic cache functionality
  • Fixed missing host header that could break down the server
  • Fixed error 404 routing


  • Added routes for PUT and DELETE http methods
  • Added .status() method for http connection
  • Added files parameter for static files directory callback
  • Added Node.JS event emitter implementation on client-side as
  • Fixed bug related to advanced routing
  • Fixed .drain() streaming on error
  • Fixed auxiliar server in HTTPS server pair WebSocket handling
  • Improved dynamic caching
  • Improved .config() method of http host by adding session time to live
  • Improved .drain() method by adding parameters for setting the type of the content
  • Improved the WebSocket channel creation
  • Improved general error emitting
  • Improved WebSocket handshake
  • Improved internal structure


  • Changed the internal log system
  • Added a placeholder for render method
  • .render() method now always imports connection object
  • Added .config() method and removed .accept() and .referer() methods for http host


  • Bugfixes
  • Some improvements in code structure
  • Improved documentation


  • Improved dynamic caching
  • Changed the behavior of pair HTTP + HTTPS servers
  • Optimized routing
  • Optimized WebSocket parser
  • Added connection.protocol
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs


  • New template engine connection rules
  • Multiple routes apply / remove
  • Added shorthand for template rendering
  • Added binary data in advanced mode
  • Fixed a WebSocket connection bug with sending data
  • Fixed crash on WebSocket close


  • Made some optimizations
  • Added .ip and .path to connection
  • Fixed a rare bug in WebSocket with big data
  • Fixed the bug with template engine connection
  • Added .leave() method to host instances


  • Fixed session in WebSocket
  • Improved the internal organization of sessions


  • Added
  • Combined request and response interfaces in connection interface


  • Defined new template engine connection rules
  • Improved


  • Added named parameters
  • Removed server.js, combined functional with index.js


  • Reorganized internal structure
  • WebSocket channel made event emitter


  • Added HTTPS support
  • Some bugfixes


  • Made the static files cache dynamic
  • Some bugfixes


  • Added static files cache
  • Some bugfixes


  • Better session mechanics
  • Improved WebSocket channel
  • Added referer blocking


  • Added WebSocket channel
  • Global improvements


  • Added callback for directories with static files
  • Some good improvements


  • Fixed template engine connection bug
  • Fixed POST data parser


  • Improved tests
  • Some good improvements


  • Added template engine connection
  • Fixed session timeout


  • Just bugfixes and optimizations


  • Added client-side API
  • Added raw / advanced mode for WebSocket


  • Just bugfixes and API improments


  • Added virtual hosting


  • Changed mime structure
  • Improved API


  • More WebSocket API changes
  • Global improvements


  • Some API changes for WebSocket


  • Added sessions


  • Added CORS support


  • Removed .download() method from response interface
  • Fixed bug with string used as parameter to .send() method


  • Bugfixes
  • Added new interactive tests


  • Just bugfixes and optimizations


  • Added
  • Renamed .getStatic() method to .serve()
  • Removed own implementation of compress stream, replaced with zlib streams
  • Added .send() method to response interface


  • Error routing modified, moved to .error() method


  • Removed a memory leak
  • Added a POST request parser


  • Added LICENSE
  • Small improvements


  • Added .body attribute to request interface


  • Improved internal structure


  • Removed the bug with one possible instance
  • Modified the structure of simpleS prototype constructor


  • Tried to remove the bug with one possible instance
  • Modified mime.js structure
  • Modified routing structure


  • Added .getOrigin() and .getProtocols() methods to WebSocket connection


  • Fixed WebSocket host choice
  • Added default configuration for WebSocket host


  • Modified .start() method to be more asynchronous


  • First public release