Various scripts for managing AC100 and Car PC
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ac100-tools / carpc

This repository contains some scripts for managing my Car PC. Scripts relating to the Toshiba AC100 sporked from

This contains a bunch of other code as I iterate through developing my car PC.

I experimented with doing carpc stuff with Arduino + Toshiba AC100. At the moment both of these units aren't wired in and I'm running on a Raspberry Pi.

The current configuration consists of:

  • Raspberry Pi, connected to USB 12v adapter
  • Adafruit "Ultimate GPS" running at 10Hz connected to TTL serial on RPi, siphoning power from RPi
  • TM1640 LCD display controller

There is still the AC100 sitting around and some other periphrials which I want to eventually get running again. AC100 may be ideal for running servers as it has more CPU power than the RPi.

Early prototypes also included a temperature sensor. I also have another sensor board that was from another project which acts as an accellerometer.